Welcome to the New and Improved YPA Website!

Since the infancy of his YPA presidency, Troy Shaw took special notice of the business practices of the YPA. He evaluated which practices were feasible , and which needed adjustments.  In order to support necessary changes, Troy envisioned the birth of a new YPA website (including a rebranding effort), renegotiated contracts, and changed the fee structure.  By doing each of these things, the YPA would have a more solid foundation financially, and be better able to grow and do it’s most important job better: supporting providers.

In that vein, the YPA is proud to support providers by hosting an easy-to-use service directory on our new website. Anyone looking can find the services they are looking for in the location they need. We know the work that our providers do is top-notch, and needed throughout our communities. This new website will facilitate making the matches to promote health and healing for everyone.

Contact Us

The form below is for general inquiries. We strive to answer these within 24hrs. To leave the YPA leadership anonymous questions or concerns please, use this form.

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