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Just to know the laws and legislation isn’t good enough; we must educate our representatives so they create common-sense laws that enable and embolden the private provider network.

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YPA Legislative Efforts

The YPA meets with legislators before, during and after the legislative session to address issues that come up and to provide education for how important it is to support a healthy continuum of care.

During the 2023 Legislative Session, the YPA was fully funded in our appropriation request of $1.5M. This money went directly to rate increases to help contracted rates for Residential and Family-based Care providers.

We also met with legislators to remove barriers to service regarding home studies, making this requirement more realistic while maintaining quality standards.

  • 2023 Requested Amount Funded

Meet the Team

After years of watching legislation impact providers without providers’ professional input, influence or oversight, the YPA knew we needed to be more involved politically. 

The YPA has contracted with an aggressive, knowledgeable and successful lobbyist Travis Wood to represent the YPA in the social services arena since 2014, and he has proven his worth whether it be through rate increases, legislative audits, or policy adjustment. Travis has been the key to our legislative success. 

Shortly after contracting with Travis, the position of Legislative Chair was also added to the YPA Executive Committee, ensuring that a voice for private providers is at the table before, during, and after bills are passed that will impact our system. 

We’re proud to have their team represent our interests on the hill. As members of the YPA, you can make sure the issues that impact you most will be represented. 

I want to make it clear that the lobbying sector does an important job. It is very useful to the government to hear the views of a broad range of groups to make sure we get the best.

Andrew Lansley

Travis Wood

Travis is known as an expert for health policy and financial services whose advice is sought out on such issues. Travis believes that honesty and loyalty are the most important attributes of any political relationship, and he strives for both in every endeavor.

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Even with our amazing legislative team fighting for funding and down to earth legislation at the capitol, the more voices heard, the better.

You can find your legislator using this map. *Remember you can use your personal address or business address to find those who represent you. 

 So you identified your legislator, but aren’t sure what to say? Talking points for current legislative conversations are provided in our blog at the beginning of every session. Check it out!  

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