Representative of the Year 2024: Steve Eliason

Mariah Hurst (left) and Representative Steve Eliason (right) on June 18th in Salt Lake City.

The private providers were well represented and advocated for in the 2024 legislative session. Providers will see many great changes come to their network because of the hard work put in from a lot of different individuals throughout the session.

Because of the vital role he played in these successes, Representative Steve Eliason was awarded this year’s Legislator of the Year Award “for [his] relentless dedication to helping ensure a healthy continuum [of care] for Utah’s youth.” Due to conflicting schedules, Representative Eliason was only presented with this award virtually in the May 2024 General Membership meeting. But one random morning in June, before a Zoo field trip with her children, YPA Executive Director Mariah Hurst was honored to be able to swing by his office and present Rep. Eliason with the physical award.

Mariah and the YPA look forward to working with Representative Eliason in the future to advocate and represent this vulnerable population here in Utah.

Thank you for all you do, Representative. Utah, and these youth, are lucky to have you!

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