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Robust legislation and lobbying.

We are a part of the conversation before, during, and after youth services bills are presented.

An online resource for Utah's Youth Providers.

We offer a free, online directory of vetted, quality services being provided throughout the state.

Advocate for youth and families.

We collect input, address concerns, and fight as one united voice for the youth rights and services.

Advocating for youth with community-building ideas.

Youth Providers Association represent the interest of the members in regard to policy, legislative and contract issues. Our mission is to advocate for youth and to create a cooperative coordinated system of care. Join us as we strengthen our community to provide better futures for Utah's youth.
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Over the 2023 & 2024 legislative sessions, the YPA has requested and sought over $4,000,000 in rate increases and been fully funded in our endeavors. These rate increases go directly to providers, and help create a healthy and robust continuum of care for our youth.

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We are a growing community of providers advocating for Utah's youth.

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Youth Providers Association is a non-profit organization that lobbies for youth providers and provides our community the resources they need to succeed.
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We work together for a brighter future.

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We partner with governments and the public and private sectors
and foster greater public awareness of urgent global issues.

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We meet monthly as a board to steer the direction and objectives of the YPA.

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Active participation in the Youth Provider Association ensures that we can make the priorities of our members front and center of our mission.
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Working across the Aisle

The YPA works with both democratic and republican representatives in order to achieve our goals.  Our work is non-partisan, and finding common ground is essential to support a robust and healthy provider system.

Smart Legislation

We have members serving on various committees across the state, monitoring the legislation that is being proposed, to ensure that no bill that appears for a vote will harm the youth of Utah and the services being provided to them.

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Raise funds, volunteer and campaign for change

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